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Coconut Chocolate Mousse

A sweet chocolatey treat without the guilt and with only 3 ingredients, its quick and easy!

There are two ways to make this recipe. If you have the coconut milk in the fridge then it will be edible immediately, if not, use chia seeds to thicken the mix. I use Ayam brand coconut milk, apparently some other brands don’t set as well.

Serves 2-3

Prep 10 minutes



Coconut milk in fridge recipe

270ml can Ayam coconut milk (kept in fridge for at least 2 days)

1tbs cacao powder

1-2 tbs rice malt syrup, depending on your taste.



Room temperature coconut milk recipe 
1-2 tsp chia seeds



Coconut milk in fridge recipe

  1. Mix coconut milk, cacao powder and syrup in a bowl. Stir until combined and mix resembles mousse.

  2. Serve with mixed berries and desiccated coconut.


Room temperature coconut milk recipe

  1. As above, then add 1-2 tsp chia seeds, add 1 teaspoon and then ½ a teaspoon at a time until the mix resembles mousse.

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