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Creating Calm through Chaos
Covid and beyond



We’re all experiencing more stress and uncertainty in our lives, including working from home, home schooling the kids, financial worries and the strain it brings on your relationships, whether it’s tension at home or worrying about your loved ones. Even wearing our masks outside is quite unsettling.


Join me in this live and interactive FREE masterclass that reveals the hidden effects of stress on your body and inspires you to find your sense of calm and regain clarity during these chaotic times.


Choose from the following sessions:

10am Saturday 7 August

6.30pm Tuesday 10 August

2pm Saturday 14 August

Even if you can't make it live, register for one of the sessions and I will email you the recording. 

Stress affects us all in different ways, that's why I'm tailoring the Masterclass to address the issues that are affecting you right now. Simply tell me what they are in your registration form.

Meet your host & former stress-head Nat Mallia


Hi! I'm Nat

I've been using mindfulness and meditation for over 6 years to reduce my stress and enable me to live an active and fulfilling life, even while I was losing vision and experiencing chronic pain!

I'm feeling the stress too. I just got stood down from my part-time job and lost $1000s in meditation course contracts due to Covid.

But my mindfulness / de-stressing journey all started when I lost my vision in 2015 after battling degenerative eye disease for 2 years. Four surgeries later, including a cornea transplant, a top eye surgeon was unable to restore my vision. 

In fact, my mental health was so unstable with the stress and pressure from work and my failing health that the shingles virus attacked the eye that had the cornea transplant. That resulted in losing the vision gained from the transplant and also caused Chronic Pain, which I still experience today. 

Even with fluctuating vision and chronic pain  I still manage to juggle the busy-ness of life and feel great! I cram in all of the things I'm passionate about including study, part-time work and creating and growing my business as well as volunteering for two meditation organisations and manage to go for a beach walk and coffee with friends. 

I manage all of this because I tap into mindfulness throughout my day. I don't have to stop and meditate on the cushion for hours a day, there are mindful techniques that helps us to achieve the same lasting results while we're still on the go!  

As well as the life experience, I have all of the qualifications to support you through your journey, including being a certified Meditation Teacher with Meditation Australia, a Wellness & Mindfulness Coach, Chakra Intuitive and ACT Mindfully Practitioner. I also teach meditation classes for Mindfulness Works Australia and local centres on the Central Coast, including Making Meditation Mainstream.

I'm excited to share this Masterclass with you to help you be able to cope more strongly with your life.

Much love

Nat xo

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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