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Sun, 21 Apr


Live and Interactive on Zoom

Free Yourself with Forgiveness Mindful Masterclass

Is it time to FREE yourself with forgiveness? Is your life being held back, are you suffering because you're holding onto guilt, shame, anger & hurt from something someone else or even you've done? With Nat's fool proof Forgiveness Protocol you'll be able to free yourself from the grip of your ego

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Free Yourself with Forgiveness Mindful Masterclass
Free Yourself with Forgiveness Mindful Masterclass

Time & Location

21 Apr 2024, 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Live and Interactive on Zoom

About the Event

Is your life being held back, are you suffering because you're holding onto guilt, shame, anger & hurt from something someone else or even you've done?

When we don't forgive someone, we're actually doing ourselves more harm than we are hurting the other person. As the Buddha says 'holding onto resentment or anger is like holding a burning coal and throwing it at someone else - you're both going to get hurt in the process'.

Anger and resentment not only takes us away from enjoy the simple pleasures in our day, but it is quite toxic for our body. 

In order to free ourselves, we need to forgive. Whether that's forgiving ourselves for something we've said or done, or whether it's forgiving someone for the pain and suffering they've caused you. 

Your life is worth learning to forgive and move on. 

If it's time to FREE yourself with forgiveness, then jump on to this Mindful Masterclass. You'll be able to free yourself from the grip of your ego and feel light and free and live your happiest life once more.

I'm so excited about this Masterclass as I'm going to be sharing my Fool Proof Forgiveness Protocol! It's better than any I've seen in all of the courses and self improvement books or programs I've done. 

I've poured my heart and soul into this Mindful Masterclass, sharing with you the very same Forgiveness Protocol that I created when my specialist kept me on the medication that ended up frying my nervous system and causing this extreme hypersensitivity. For those who don't know the story, I went on some medication to heal my body, but I ended being allergic to it and my specialist insisted that I stay on the medication and ride through the red skin, hives and extreme pain. 

What I didn't realise at the time was that my nervous system was being fried. Histamine was flooding through my body, burning the sheaths off my nerve endings and shaking up my vagus nerve. 

4 weeks after taking the medication I was still bed ridden, in chronic pain, bright red from head to toe and seemingly reacting worse every time I ate anything. 

I sought a second opinion and found out that this medication has potentially ruined the rest of my life. If I didn't cut everything, and I mean EVERYTHING out of my life and strip back to less than the bare essentials, I was going to risk having chronic nerve pain for MY ENTIRE LIFE!

I had to strip back my diet to only poached chicken, steak, egg, butter and salt for 5 months. 

I had to stop working on Wellness with Nat because I was so sick. This meant I had hardly any income.

I couldn't go out and eat, drink or socialise with friends. I'm a foody, my whole life revolves around eating and creating food and sharing it with friends.

I could barely meditate because I was in so much pain.

I had to go and buy only cotton clothes as my skin was so sensitive.

The hard part was, I was just starting to move forward with my business and my dream of public speaking and writing a book about my vision loss journey, I felt like I had my whole life ahead of me and that things were finally going my way.

But then in the blink of an eye it all fell apart. 

What I realised was that if I kept holding onto the anger, resentment and hurt from the ruminating thoughts of how things could have been different -

'what if the doctor listened to me earlier and took me off the medication'

'why didn't the doctor listen to me? couldn't he see I was covered in hives and something was wrong?'

'why didn't I stop the medication?'

'why didn't I ask someone else for help?'

All of these punishing thoughts aren't helpful when it comes to healing our body and mind.  Especially with a nervous system issue, I knew it was imperiative that I learnt to forgive myself and forgive my doctor, otherwise I was going to be like this forever. 

If you're ready to FREE YOURSELF WITH FORGIVENESS, I'd love to share with you all of my tips and tricks in this Mindful Masterclass.

In this 90 minute workshop you're going to walk away with:

- An understanding of forgiveness from an East meets West perspective - a mix of Buddhism and neuroscience - including the damage that resentment is doing to your nervous system and mind

- The very tools and techniques I use to forgive those (and myself) who have hurt me so that you're no longer being dragged  back into the past and you too can free yourself

- A guided meditation to gently move you through the forgiveness process

- A workbook to help you untangle and understand your hurts and challenges INCLUDING my EPICLY amazing fool proof Forgiveness Protocol.

Bonus: You get lifetime access to the Masterclass and the meditation so that you can play it over and over again to help you anytime in the future. 


Sunday 21 April at 4pm

90 minutes

Live and interactive on Zoom

Value: $147

Early bird special: $37

SPECIAL - 3 Mindful Masterclass Pack - pay for 3 mindful masterclasses for only $99! Saving you $42 ($47x3 = $141). To sign up for 3 Masterclass simply pay $99 via this link

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