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Where is my sight going?!!!

Feeling crushed, shattered, broken, scared, sick, like I just want to give up.

I had been noticing things on my peripheral vision were blurring and when I walked around busy areas like a shopping centre people would just blurr out and I’d get massive headaches. I am now totally dependent on my zooming software – Magic - and walking around work I’m noticing that people’s faces are blurring out. Those big green street signs are blurry, everything is blurry.

But i like to hope for a miracle, so I’m hoping the blur is coming from my glasses now being too strong and that I’m ready to go back to the prescription I had in February this year.

Well that’s not to be the case. I just got my eyes tested and have dropped from a 6.5Cyl in April to an 8.5Cyl plus a bunch of balancers prescription today. Holy Fuck! The general glasses prescriptions only go up to 7.5Cyl. Specsavers can’t help me anymore and dad and I have been trying all these online places hoping that I’ll get something. This is my third pair of glasses this year, fourth in less than 12 months, at $300 a lens it’s killing the finances.

I went back to my original optometrist who had been helping with the hard contact lenses and after an excruciating three day wait they called to say they had found someone who could fill the prescription. So they sent away the glasses and then a few days later called to say that company couldn’t fill the prescription after all.

Holy crap! How bad are my eyes? Why can’t anyone help me? I don’t want to not be able to drive anymore. I live so far away from work that it will be a 90 minute bus ride each way, oh man, will I have the energy to cope with long days like that? Do I keep working or do I stop so that I can rest my eyes and stop the deterioration, what the hell is happening??

I am so badly trying to be at peace with what is...

Miss Nat


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