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Adjusting to low vision with the help of Vision Australia

Wow, things are all hitting home on my vision loss. One part of me wants to put my head in the sand and not worry about anything and believe all will be fine, but the other part of me is fully aware that the prospect of going blind is a reality and I should start doing things to help me now so that it’s not such a steep learning curve in the future.

I’ve had two appointments with Vision Australia talking through how to get practices in place for decreasing vision. Around the home I’ve learnt how to clean systematically, putting things back in their place and to get around the house using the back of my hand as a guide against the wall.

Vision Australia also taught me about the bus network in Canberra and showed me how it’s linked to google maps, so if I don’t know what route I want to take then I can use that function and find my way home. I was worried about seeing the bus numbers and Vision Australia even have a card you can hold up with the bus number you’re looking for.

One of the things that worries me is how will I know what clothes I’m wearing and how will I know if they are fitting properly and there’s no squishy bits protruding? Well they had an answer for that - did you know there's an app that recognizes colour? Yay to still being able to dress nicely.

Every question or concern I had, Vision Australia were able to answer.

Next step is more iphone and computer training.... but I think i’ve got a bit to work with for now.

I am at peace with what is...

Miss Nat


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