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August specialist visit = stable cornea for my PMD

Thumbs up and celebrating today because my right eye cornea thickness has remained stable and potential surgery on my good eye is not being spoken of!! Woop!! For three months now the scans have read 470, I had the 520 thrown in there that confused the average, but three 470’s mean that’s my average. In cornea thickness terms it’s pretty low, under 500 is low and 450 is where the doctors want to look at doing the crosslinking procedure. But three scans of 470 means that my cornea hasn’t deteriorated further and we’re holding stable.

I’m aiming to keep this eye stable forever, or at least until May next year when the second lot of stitches come out of the graft and my sight starts to be revealed.

The cornea graft is healing well, those two loose stitches are holding on and keeping the corneas together so all is good.

I am at peace with what is...

Miss Nat


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