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Eyesight restoration methods


I’ve been hearing about these eyesight restoration workshops that are being held around the country and I decided to look on to find a book on it. I’m terrified of losing my sight and am willing to try anything and everything to keep what I’ve got. (I’m using the auditory books as reading a book isn’t an option for me anymore).

So I found Meir Schneider’s Miracle Eyesight Method. I’ve listened to it a few times now and there are a bunch of exercises we can do. I think the guy may not have been working because there are close to 10 exercises and he says to do them all each day and for a period of weeks or months. I’m not really ready to commit to spending all day doing eye exercises (please god don’t let me regret this later), but I am keen on starting somewhere.

The first exercise is quite simple – notice what you see. It’s about staring at something and noticing all of it, for example, I could walk outside and see a tree, or I could look at the tree and see it’s leaves, see the patterns on the leaves, notice the trunk and the patterns on the trunk. That’s with my glasses on though ... Or if I do it with my glasses off then it’s more like I notice the chest of drawers in my room, I notice that it’s rectangle, I see the edges and can tell they are at 90 degrees, I notice the draws and their edges and I notice the draw handles. I take in each bit of the chest of drawers and don’t let it be just a blur.

The second exercise is called palming. It’s like a meditation and if you follow the author’s voice in the audiobook it goes for 14 minutes, otherwise you can do mini 5 minute exercises anytime. I have committed to do this exercise 2-3 times a day until Christmas, apparently three months is long enough to notice a difference! Wow!

You start in a dark room, either sitting up or lying down and you put yourself in a comfortable position so that you can cup your hands over your eye orbits. You can get sore shoulders from this so he recommends doing some back and shoulder stretching first. You basically picture black, picture yourself as black, your room as black, the street, suburb, state, country and world as black, then the universe and solar system as black, black as in the darkness of a cave. You then come back to your body, still picturing the blackness and focus in on expanding and contracting each part of your body. Then you’re back out to the black solar system and bit by bit, you let the light back in, all the way to your body.

The purpose of the exercise is to rest your optic nerve. I’ve found it extremely useful in easing up my headaches and stopping that twinge behind my eyes that I get after focussing on driving, cooking, gardening or using the computer.

The third exercise is to do with exercising your pupils. He instructs you to close your eyes and face the sun, feel the sun on your face and notice how the light from the sun causes your pupils to retract. This teaches are our pupils that they can retract and dilate. This one is nice to do as feeling the sun on the face is quite mindful and warming. Remember to not do it when the sun is at its hottest though.

I like having things like this that I can do. They make me feel like I’m being proactive and it gives me some hope to hold on to.

I am at peace with what is...

Miss Nat


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