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Latest results - PMD still progressing

I went into my doctors appointment all cheery and ready for him to check my transplant and let me know it's ok. Things were feeling good, I could see is number 1. They thought I'd be blind by Christmas but I'm not, so whatever I'm doing is working. I had no reason to fear the results of my pentascan for the first time ever.

So when the doctor said that my cornea had continued to thin and my result was now 250 I nearly died on the spot.

What just happened? I was 270 at my last scan in December ... holy crap! The plan was that at 250 we would start the conversation as to whether or not I needed another crosslinking procedure or if we would wing it and hope that the degeneration would stop.

250 was the number I had in my head for the last nine months as the number that meant conversations needed to happen. 250 means that my cornea is continuing to thin and we need to take stock.

Without realising I had created an anchor to that number and once I heard it my whole world started spinning. Holy crap! Does that mean i'm blind? What's going to happen? What will I do now?

The doctor explained that given I can still see so well he wouldn't want to do the surgery. Ok, that is good .. I can see ... yes I'm looking through my glasses and I can still see. But a thinning cornea means I shouldn't be able to see through it, so that's weird. I thought back to the last few weeks where I'd been noticing that without my glasses I can hardly see at all. It's been such a scary time at home, noticing things I always saw just disappearing, and now it made sense as to why.

Thank god my glasses are still working.

It's now a waiting game. Praying for my vision in my right eye to hold out until vision has been restored in my left eye from the cornea transplant.

waiting ...

Miss Nat


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