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Seeing rainbows

Rainbow behind a tree, silver truck in view

This morning I was lucky enough to see this beautiful rainbow on my walk. I love popping on my hooded raincoat and heading out into the world after a good down pour, the beauty is magnified, the colours are all enhanced, the grass is greener, the paths and roads look clean, the birds are all out scavenging for food and there are endless puddles to stomp through. It's moments like these I'm reminded just how beautiful life is and how lucky I am to be alive :)

As well as the beauty of this rainbow, the other snippet of my morning walk I wanted to share with you today was that when I took my glasses off to see how the rainbow looked through my eyes, I was amazed that I could see it! All the way over there on the horizon, I could see that rainbow ! I soaked up the beauty and cast my eyes to the tree and to the silver car in the image above, I could barely make out the silver splodge was a car lol. It's definitely some detail thing that my eyes are struggling with... the vast expansion of the sky and the not perfect lines of the rainbow made it easy for my eyes to identify it, but the car and the rest of the landscape all blurred into one image as (I think) there are just too many things for my eye to see.

A beautiful morning of sunshine and rainbows ... could a girl ask for more?

Have a wonderful day my friends.

I am at peace with what is ...

Miss Nat


rainbow in the distance

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