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Begone cold and flu symptoms!

We all hate having cold and flu symptoms right? I don't know about you but I don't like taking cold and flu tablets with all those chemicals, so I was so excited when one of my herbalist teachers, Rovaye Hodges from the Hierophant in Canberra, taught me this recipe.

I also believe that catching a cold is either our bodies' way of saying we need to rest or our body is releasing something, so using chemicals to mask the symptoms isn't really going to help us in the long run.

I was pleasantly surprised when this worked so well! The rosehips add a pretty pink colouring and I just love using elderflowers - they always remind me of springtime with vodka, lime and elderflower syrup drinks :)

The trick with this remedy is to sip small cups throughout the day, instead of just having one or two big cups. Keeping the herbs in your system will help relieve the symptoms.

The ingredients for the Sniffle Brew and their benefits are:

Rosehips: heaps of vitamins - vitamin C, calcium, iron, copper and more. Good for a runny nose and sore throat, it's an all-round good guy.

Lemon balm: fights bacteria, viruses and fever as well as calming the nervous system.

Elderflower: helps sweat out the cold, stimulates the body and is both an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

Echanacea: heaps of vitamins - copper, potassium, magnesium and more. Contains a natural antibiotic, is great for the immune system and reduces the symptoms and duration of colds.

For your free information sheet on how to brew a pot of herbal tea and how to get the benefits from the herbs please subscribe to my blog.

Happy sipping!

Nat xox

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