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Hi I'm Nat! 

A lover of all things mindfulness, chakras and of course, herbal teas.

"You had the power all along, my dear, you just had to find it for yourself"

Glinda the Good Witch

Let me tell you a story of hope, healing and magic. A story about turning your life around no matter what. This can be your story too. You have the power to choose a happier fulfilled life even in the face of serious adversity. I’m living proof that it really is possible and I’m here to show you how.


Hi I'm Nat, a believer in health, healing and magic. I will show you how to free yourself from anxiety and find inner peace so you can start living your life to the fullest. I’m a certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, Wellness Coach, Reiki Therapist and Chakra Goddess.

Come with me on a healing journey…


In June 2013 I was diagnosed with an aggressive rare eye disease. I lost 80% of my eyesight in my left eye in eight weeks! It was scary, but as I still had sight in one eye I learnt to adjust. Then In 2014 the disease affected my other eye, and while I was still trying to pick up the pieces and adjust to life, I ended up needing an emergency cornea transplant in 2015.

My life fell apart. I was a highly sought after Executive in the Government with a promising future, but I could no longer keep up with my work and was struggling to accept the changes in my life. Then the Ophthalmologist told me I would be blind within three months due to the rate of the degeneration. At this point my anxiety spiked and I wasn't coping.


This wasn’t the first time I experienced serious long term illness. I was in hospital for chronic eczema and asthma throughout primary school, then a further blow to my health in my twenties with severe food allergies and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  


This time though, in spite of what the doctors said, I wasn’t going to give up, I researched everything I could to heal my body and increase my chances of regaining sight. I started creating my own herbal teas to heal my mind and sight and also created Insight2Sight, a blog to help and inspire others through my journey.


I found hope of being able to see again, in 2017, after a fourth surgery gave me about 30% vision back. It was a brief respite though, as I was struck down with a viral eye infection and lost all of the vision. I was completely devastated and hit rock bottom. My blindness was imminent and my anxiety was at its worst. There was nothing else I could do, or was there? Lying in bed binging on Netflix and numbing myself with wine wasn’t helping. 


In 2018 I thought f#$% it, this might be my last bit of sight so I'm going to take time off work and live my life to the fullest. First stop was to see Italy, London and Malta one last time and then I started the search for my true-self and inner peace at a Buddhist meditation retreat centre. Deciding this felt like my own Eat, Pray, Love year,  I topped of my year with a trip to India and Nepal where was fortunate to meet the Dalai Lama. I fell in love with myself fo the first time and realised I have the power to turn my life around, no matter what.


Miraculously, in April 2019, through surgery and all my inner work, I regained some sight! My resilience has taught me that it is possible to leave behind a life of anxiety and overwhelm and live a life that makes me happy.


As Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz says 'you had the power all along my dear, you just had to find it for yourself'.

Let me help you find inner peace and happiness and to live a life with no regrets!

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Shine Bright!

Natalie Jane 


Professional Bio

Natalie Jane is a Wellness Coach and Meditation Teacher who is passionate about supporting people through life’s biggest challenges, particularly those with long-term illnesses, to find inner peace and happiness. She is also an Energy Worker specialising in reiki and chakras.

Natalie has personally suffered from a variety of medical conditions since early childhood, the most significant being her vision loss in 2013. Natalie used the tools and techniques gained through meditation and mindfulness to deal with this debilitating set-back and turn her life around.  

Today she uses these same powerful techniques to support others Australia-wide. Alongside her own programs, Natalie is also a passionate volunteer for the Tibetan Buddhist Society of Canberra, where hundreds of beginners benefit from her teaching and experience.  

Since miracle surgery helped Natalie regain some sight, her philosophy is simple: live life to its fullest.  


When she’s not teaching, you will most likely find her at the beach, watching a sunrise or sunset with gratitude or enjoying a glass of wine with friends.

To find out more, book a chat with Nat HERE

Inspirational speaker

Nat loves to share her stories relating to her health journey or her journey to inner peace and happiness.

If you'd like to find out more visit the Contact page.

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Inspirational Speaker

If you are interested in having Nat talk at one of your online or in person events book a chat with Nat to discuss your needs.

Supporting the Community

Vision Australia has helped me make my life accessible since my vision loss journey in 2015. Without the friendly and educated staff I would not have the courage to be where I am today, I would not be working in my office job still and I would not be socialising or trying the things I used to love as much as I do today.


I sponsor Vision Australia as an individual, and now that I am earning income from Wellness with Nat, I am proud to share the love and donate 5% of all personalised tea profits to Vision Australia on a quarterly basis.

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