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I am a qualified Chakra Practitioner with a passion for all things health and wellness. 

Chakras are the energy centres within our bodies that can affect the way we feel, act and think. We have seven major chakras and once they are aligned they can leave us feeling energised, centred and empowered.


You will notice that all of my services include balancing and activating your chakras - from meditations, to herbal teas, mindful meals and coaching. They are that important!


A great way to align all of your chakras is to have a Crystal Chakra Balance, this is where you lay down, relax and enjoy the healing energy from the crystals and rei-ki while you listen to my voice to help you focus in on each chakra. I can either do this from my practice in Canberra or if you have your own crystals, we can do the session over Skype or a Facebook call.

If you would like to book in for a session, have any questions, would like to say hello or share your story, please contact me.

Nat xox

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