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A Mindful Moment

Your Free Gift

Image by Michele Bergami

Hi I'm Nat,
Thanks for
popping by!

Hello and welcome to the place that will help you find your zen. 

I've been using mindfulness and meditation for over 6 years to reduce my stress and enable me to live an active and fulfilling life, even while I was losing vision and experiencing chronic pain!

I'm feeling the stress too. I just got stood down from my part-time job and lost $1000s in meditation course contracts due to Covid and I'm trying to pivot my business online. What crazy times! So much for planning hey?

My mindfulness / de-stressing journey all started when I lost my vision in 2015 after battling degenerative eye disease for 2 years. Four surgeries later, including a cornea transplant, a top eye surgeon was unable to restore my vision. 

Awesomely, and I believe due to my mindfulness journey, doctors were able to restore my sight in one eye in 2019! That's why I'm here now sharing these gifts and insights with you.

I manage my health, chronic pain, study and building a small business because I tap into mindfulness throughout my day without having to sit on the cushion and meditate.

As well as the life experience, I have all of the qualifications to support you through your journey, including being a certified Meditation Teacher with Meditation Australia, a Wellness & Mindfulness Coach, Chakra Intuitive and ACT Mindfully Practitioner. I also teach meditation classes for Mindfulness Works Australia and local centres on the Central Coast, including Making Meditation Mainstream.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your FREE Mindful Moments gift.

If you'd like to find out more about my journey and receive free mindfulness, wellness and chakra tips I would love for you to tick the box below your email and join my Cup of Zen newsletter.

Much love

Nat xo

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