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The perfect gift to help your mum get through the day! Start the day with Green Tea Delight, a gentle green tea with floral notes to rejuvinate and energise you for the day. Then have your choice of (or have both!) the Love Your Eyes blend, which may support your eyes and reduce tension after focussing on the computer or other up close work all day or Zen, which is a blend that may ease tension as well as stimulate the mind with ginseng.


The gift pack includes:

~ Love Your Eyes 15g Loose Leaf - may support the use of our eyes as we use them so much at work

~ Green Tea Delight 15g Loose Leaf - a gentle green tea that may give you that revitalising energy boost

~ Zen 15g Loose Leaf - may help you feel calm and clear minded

~ Christmas Tree Tea Infuser 


Each tea blend includes:

  • High quality organic tea leaves that you can brew twice
  • Handcrafted and infused with reiki and love
  • A free mindfulness tea drinking ritual emailed straight to your inbox
  • 100% natural. No chemicals or flavour enhancers like other tea companies sneak in



Further details on teas:

Love Your Eyes

Nat created this tea to help support the health and function of her eyes, as well as to relieve the tension headaches and nerve pain she has post cornea transplant and lens replacement surgery.


Our Naturopath has carefully reviewed the benefits of this blend. The herbs in this blend are traditionally used support eye function and:


  • May help support and improve eye function
  • May relieve stress and tension within the body by supporting the nervous system
  • May relieve sinus congestion which can help relieve pressure around the eyes
  • By assisting the nervous system, the blend may also ease the bodies’ response to allergies
  • Contains antioxidants that support the eyes and general wellbeing.
  • Contains vitamins and minerals.



  • Siberian Ginseng
  • Gingko
  • Eye bright
  • Lemon balm
  • Elderberries
  • Hibiscus



Our Naturopath has carefully reviewed this blend.

Not recommended if you are pregnant, breast feeding or receiving hormonal treatments, or being treated for cancer.

If taking any prescribed medications – including antidepressants and blood thinners please consult your doctor as some of the ingredients may interact and lower the effectiveness of your medication.


Green Tea Delight

A go-to tea which is light on the stomach and revitalises the body, mind and spirit!


Herbs in this blend have traditionally been used to increase energy and cognitive function. They also:


  • contain high levels of antioxidants
  • may assist weight loss
  • may reduce stress from the aroma of the jasmine flowers



  • Sencha Green Tea
  • Jasmine flowers
  • Ginseng
  • Lemon peel



    Not recommended for those pregnant or breast feeding.

    Please consult your doctor if taking prescribed medications.



    Nat created this tea to feel Zen, after all, she is Your Go To Zen Chick. It helps her to feel calm and clear-minded, and to prepare her mind, body and spirit for meditation and energy clearing, eg: Rei-ki.


    Our Naturopath has carefully reviewed the benefits of this blend. The herbs in this blend are traditionally used to support focus and clarity as well as to calm the nervous system and:


    • May assist in calming your mind and body so that you can go into a relaxed state
    • May keep your mind focused and clear so that you can focus on the meditation and not feel drowsy or distracted
    • The cinnamon may warm your body and help you feel good
    • The nettle leaf is used by monks who are in meditation retreat as it contains a variety of vitamins and minerals to nourish your body.
    • Contains antioxidants.

    (Important Note: The benefits of herbal tea are based on ancient Chinese wisdom.)



    • Gingko
    • Sage
    • Passionflower
    • Cinnamon
    • Calendula
    • Nettle



    Not suitable for pregnancy, breast feeding or those receiving hormonal treatments including for cancer.

    If taking anti-depressants please consult your doctor first as some ingredients may lower the effectiveness of your medication.

    Working from home bundle

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