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First check up

I had my first specialist appointment today, I was feeling so nervous, god I hope things are going well. Today I'll get an answer to some questions - is my eye ok? why can't I see through my graft eye? can I wear my contact in my right eye so that I can drive and see the computer screen? Can I go back to work? Can I work full time or will that be too much for my recovery? Is the burning normal? Is that scratchy feeling the stitches? Will I be ok...?

One of my best friends picked me up for the two hour drive to the specialst, thankfully the specialist sees patients half way and we don't have to go all the way to Sydney. The poor thing opened the door to me crying and anxious. I have my big glasses on today so nothing is going to come near my eye.

We had the best road trip, we laughed and shared stories. Friendship is a really important part of healing, I'm grateful for the gorgeous people I have in my life xox

The first check up went well. All of my stitches were in place, the new cornea hadn't quite taken yet so I was to stay at home for another week and then see my Canberra specialist to get cleared to work. I was reminded to rest and not do any strenous activities. Most importantly for my independence, I was cleared to wear my contact and I could drive again, with the warning that my depth perception will be out so to drive locally to start. The burning and scratchy feeling will be around for the first month and the stitches have to stay in for up to 12 months. As for my sight ... unfortunately it could be four or more months before I'll be able to tell if I've regained any. The way the stitches are means that while they are in there, I won't be seeing anything.

This photo is of my actual eye. You can see the 'banana' graft that they put on my eye and the stitches around it. It looks all milky and squishy. And yes, I feel like I feel every one of those stitches.

I am at peace with what is.

Miss Nat xoxo

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