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Post surgery care and restrictions

There's a bunch of post surgery care and restrictions that I have to follow to ensure the best care for the corneal graft.

Caring for my graft

  • I put in Maxidex and Chlorisig eye drops three times a day to help stop infection and to assist the graft. Before I put the eye drops in I clean my eye with a sterile guaze pad and saline solution.

  • I also have to wear a plastic eye patch that has holes in it when I sleep so that I don't accidentally touch or rub my eye, apparently this will be in place for months. I also have to wear the patch when showering for the first two weeks so that my eye doesn't get wet. See picture.

  • Eating well is very important, good nutritious food will help support the graft.

  • Sunlight and bright light sting so I wear my sunglasses when I'm outside or carry my patch around so that I can put it on if my eye is straining.

  • I'm pretty tired still and resting is important in the healing process.


These restrictions are in place for the first month and are then reviewed.

  • The hospital wrote a medical certificate for my yoga and gym as I'm not allowed to do those activities for at least one month.

  • No jogging or rigerous/bouncy movement of the head.

  • No sex, unless it's slow and intimate.

  • No lifting more than 6 kgs, this includes shopping bags, so I've been getting my shopping delivered.

  • I also took it to mean no dancing in case somene accidentally knocked my eye.

  • No straining or lifting anything that puts pressure on your eye.

It's interesting, I asked my Sydney specialist how will I know when I can or can't do something... his response was 'you will know'. And he's right, even when I have a full kettle and I lift that I can feel the pressure build up in my eye. When I go for walks and try and walk a little faster I can feel the pressure build up in my eye as well, who would have thought that all the little things we do impact on our eyes?

I am at peace with what is.

Miss Nat xoxo

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