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Is that a pirate?

I went out to dinner tonight with my girlfriends, two weeks post-surgery. We went to a local union club where I was comfortable with the venue and it was close to home in case I needed to get a taxi home because I was in pain or tired.

I checked out the menu before I left so that I could ensure I picked a graft-friendly healthy option.

I was a bit nervous about wearing the patch in public, I think I kinda rocked it, but even so, who wears patches these days? Aaarrr Pirates do!

I was suprised how much people stared to be honest, but I just smiled at them to show them that I'm human and not a contageous pirate, and each time I walked I stood tall and owned it. The club was pretty packed so my friends led me from one part to the other, and took me to the toilets. Hmmm I really didn't like not being independent ... I mentally navigated the route to the toilet but there were drunk people walking around and being fun and boisterous, so I felt it wasn't really safe in case my eye got knocked. Number 1 priority is keep the eye safe!

All in all it was a fun night, I got one guy come up to me a say 'aaaarrrr pirate!', so I've planned for next time to respond with a 'ai ai captain!'.

I am at peace with what is.

Miss Nat xoxo

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