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Another two weeks off work! Eek!

I went to my local specialist today for a check up and to get cleared to go back to work. I am still in a fair bit of discomfort, I can definitely tell there is something in my eye and I’m still tired throughout the day, but I’m looking forward to going back to work and seeing my friends and getting into more of a routine. I've also pretty much run out of leave so it will be good to get back in the office.

Ironically I was texting my boss while I was in the waiting room, telling him how I'll be back on Monday and talking about my return to work requirements when my specialist called me in.

He said that my eye was healing well and all of the stitches were in place and there was no infection - all good signs. I then went to talk about my return to work and he said that I'll need another two weeks off work. Eek! A lot of thoughts ran through my head ... my leave, my pay, what will work say, that's five weeks off now, but it's my eye, my chance of sight ... so how could I make any other choice but to take the leave. I want to see and I would be so upset with myself if not taking this extra time off caused any damage to my eye or reduced my chance of regaining sight.

I called my boss and explained that I won't be in for another two weeks, he was really good about it thankfully. We also talked about me working from home two days a week when I do return, that way I can still work full time and be able to rest a little on the days I'm home.

Thankfully I have a very supportive family and friends and I knew that my half pay would be able to cover the mortgage and if I needed help with food or medical bills then I'd be able to ask for help.

Sigh ... another two weeks without wearing my high heels ... :)

I am a peace with what is...

Miss Nat xoxo

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