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Another day ...

Well after a night of not much sleep, of trying to decide if I was counting my blessings to at least be alive and have a home to live in or if I was fearing the future, I saw the sun shining and realised that it’s another day, and I can either take it and make the most of it or I can curl up in a ball and let my fears overwhelm me.

Thankfully I have some inspirational people in my life, and my psychologist had just given me a new book to read ‘The Reality Slap by Dr Harris’.

I choose to live in the moment, to live each day and make the most of what I can do. I can keep working on this blog and establishing a community of like-minded people. I can concentrate on my healthy eating and healthy mind to support my cornea graft. There is still hope, though a little tainted, but there is hope, and that is all we need to continue to move forward.

I am at peace with what is...

Miss Nat


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