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Sydney specialist review

It's been a month since I saw the my Sydney specialist, the miracle working surgeon who performed my cornea graft. Mum and I are on the road trip together this time.

Interesting random snippet ... my refined sugar reduced diet is starting to show results. We stopped at a bakery along the way for coffee and mum bought a caramel eclair - I took a bite and had to spit it out as the sugary taste was so overwhelming! Huh?! who would have thought that would ever happen to me? I'm impressed.

The doctor confirmed the results on my right eye. There was a measurement that they did on a cornea scan, not the uber cornea scan that measures the thickness of the cornea as he didn't have that machine in that office, but some other machine. He said that if the number gets above 6 then we need to worry about it ... my number was 6.1. He said that's ok, it's close enough to six so don't worry about it.

This doctor is also taking it very seriously. They are concerned that if I have to have a cornea transplant on my right eye before the left eye regain sight then I'll be left blind. He recommended that I don't wear my contact any more and just stick with glasses, though the glasses aren't very strong so there's no night time driving or driving in the rain. He said I need to rest and not use my eyes all the time, keep them lubricated with preservative free drops and make sure I'm getting a good night's sleep, no more parties for a while for me...

He's also put my on this antibiotic that isn't clinically proven, but his team has found that it can have an affect on slowing down any irrititations in the eye, and that it may therefore slow down what's causing my cornea degeneration. The not so cool bit is these antibiotics broke through my Pill and caused my period to come just after surgery, they made me sick, bloated and I felt blah. But I want to see, so I'm going to give it a go.

Good news about my cornea graft, it's healing well and we can look at removing the first lot of stitches in November. NOVEMBER?!? I thought they said in four months time?! Not six months. Sigh. This race is not going well.

I am trying to be at peace with what is...

Miss Nat


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