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Using affirmations

"Every day in every way my eyes are getting stronger and stronger"

Louise Hay is famous for her use of positive affirmations. Wayne Dyer is famous for his 'I am' self talk.

I know that both of these are important to help me stop focussing on the fear of going blind. But looking in the mirror and say 'I have perfect sight' or saying 'I am able to see' just isn't working for me anymore. I've been saying lines like this since June 2013 when I first lost my vision in my left eye. It's now two years later and every day my vision is getting worse. I want to believe in the Secret and that if I change my thoughts and wish hard enough then everything will be better, but life isn't demonstrating that too me. I'm on my last bit of sight and if this path isn't working then I need to make a change now.

Interestingly my psychologist said that believing that your thoughts cause your illness or believing that changing your thoughts can cure your illness is linked to anxiety and blame and is one of the things she treats her clients for....

Hmmm ...

Blame of how I caused this is always going through my head. How can I fix this? If I'm incharge of my mind and body then how can I stop this disease?

I believe that the mind can heal and I believe that if you want something bad enough then take action to achieve it.

My most favourite mentor in the whole wide world, the man who's helped my achieve my goals, plan my future, given me the tools and techniques to stay focussed and get through the tough days and who I want to aspire to be like one day - **Mr Tony Robbins** - has something I can use here.

Tony tells of his story where he was younger and living with his mum and how he had a long way to travel to work. One day he started walking home from work saying 'Every day in every way I'm getting stronger and stronger', soon he started running part of the way and then eventually after saying this all the time he started running. He was becoming stronger and stronger.

So I've started saying 'Every day in every way my eyes are getting stronger and stronger'.

This is positive and most importantly, I believe it. I believe that I am doing things that are making my eyes stronger and stronger - I am eating whole foods and less refined or processed foods, I am resting, I am taking care of myself. And now the thought that can go with it is positive, it is a positive affirmation that works for the now. It's not trying to convince my brain that I can see, I am convincing my brain that my eyes are getting stronger and stronger and that will lead to me being able to see.

I like this, it's a positive affirmation in now terms, helping the future.

I am at peace with what is ...

Miss Nat


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