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Finally a prognosis!!

I haven't slept for three nights, my eye has been hurting so bad. My eyelids are burning and I can hardly bare the pain.

I wish it was like a normal injury where you feel the pain and just have to deal with it. I'd give anything to just have to deal with the pain. Unfortunately for cornea grafts we have to take note of the pain, analyse it and get it checked if it lasts too long because a stitch could come loose and get infected or worse - the graft could be rejecting and I'd have to start this whole process again!

Thankfully I have a lovely specialist is has told me that if I am ever worried about my eye to call and he will see me. It's better to have a false alarm that allow the graft to reject or get infected.

Thankfully it wasn't anything major, just tired, dry eyes. No treatment for that.

But I did receive some good news. Finally the doctors have spoken with each other and they have confirmed I have a full-thickness banana graft. This now means that I will have all 20+ stitches in my eye until March next year, they will then remove the first few stitches and the rest will be removed in around three sessions over a three month period. Then it can take up to six months for my eye to settle. We may know if I've regained sight after the first few removal, but the doctor said it's more likely to be at the 20 month mark. So that's about a 20 month healing process. Sigh. 20 months of all the can'ts and learning more of the I can's.

It's not how I saw this year. I won't be moving into my swish townhouse with a view, nor will I be doing weights and getting that sexy fit body I had set as my goal for 2015.

But I have a chance of sight. And like the doctor said, if I'm not lucky enough to have gained sight from the operation then we have the option of using those horrible contact lenses , but they will help me see, even if for a few hours a day, so technically then, I will be able to see again.

I am at peace with what is...

Miss Nat


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