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Escaping from reality

Everything is just so overwhelming at the moment. On top of all of my work dramas, health dramas, sight dramas and financial dramas, I have now come across some boy dramas. Argh, why did I get myself into the position where boys can impact on my mental wellbeing?

I want to pack up and run away to a deserted island but I need to be within an hour or two of a cornea specialist in case something goes wrong with my graft. Argh.

Normally I'd jump in my car and drive myself the 100 or so minutes to the coast, but I can't drive for that long without my eyes fatiguing and my graft stinging.

So there's only one option - call out to one of my besties to take me away for the day.

BEST DECISION EVER!! I feel so relaxed and rejuivinated. The pix that made it to Facebook tell the story - I'm smiling! Smiling more than I have for months. The great company, fresh air, salty taste on my lips, fish and chips on the beach, laughs and stories and there's nothing more invigorating than jumping into the icy winter waters to feel alive.

Things are still rough, but I feel like they're on the right track to improve.

Today was a day for me. Today, I'm grateful to my beautiful friend and more importantly, I'm grateful to be alive.

I am at peace with what is...

Miss Nat


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