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Three months already

Wow! I can hardly believe it's been three months already!

The doctors were right, at about the three month mark my energy has slowly started to return and my eye doesn't hurt as frequently.

I'm sleeping a bit better and finding I'm able to do a few things besides work during the day now and my days off aren't just sleeping or listening to audiobooks.

wow! 3 months! I have to honestly say that I thought I would be blind by now, the doctors didn't have much hope for me at the beginning as my 'good eye' was deteriorating so quickly. But here I am, I can still drive, be it limited journey and only during the day, but it's still freedom. I can use my computer for a few hours or so each day, I can cook, I can go for walks on my own, I can go to dinner and read a menu and I can watch a movie at the cinema with my friends.

Oh ... did you just read that ?

Is that a list of I can's?

Perhaps I am at peace with what is...

Miss Nat


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