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Can I stop my cornea deteriorating from PMD?

Feeling scared. On Friday I have my monthly scan on my good eye to see how my cornea is holding up. My June scan showed the cornea was a bit thicker than the May scan. Maybe it's the thickness that slowed down my blindness and given me a few more months of sight. That would be cool ... Although the dr said it was probably a random fluctuation....

I contemplated this result for a few days and thought - is this my miracle? Is my diet, meditation, visual self healing and self care actually working? I thought of my gorgeous friend Nicole who is constantly beating cancer and surprising her doctors all the time. I thought of all those stories of people who fight the odds.

For the first time I had hope that I could beat the doctor’s advice and I could stop my corneas from getting worse.

Feeling scared because on Friday at about 2pm I'll know if this miracle stuff is true, or if it was just a fluctuation by the machine. Praying for my miracle.

I can prove the doctors wrong. I have a self regenerating cornea.

I am at peace with what is...

Miss Nat


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