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Is the sun shining?

This most miraculous thing happened to me on my walk this morning ... I walked through my garden and saw potential for making it more homely ... and as I continued on my walk I saw a local shopping centre in the distance... one which sells coffee.

Random miracle I hear you say. Yes indeed.

For me, my pre-graft dream was to sell my house and move into an apartment or townhouse close to a major shopping centre so that I can walk to breakfast or lunch or to grab a coffee. I've known that my driving ability is decreasing and I wanted to move to a place where I can still participate in life and not rely on my car or a bus to get there. This dream was put on hold once my doctor advised that I will be working part time for at least 12 months. It costs more money to live near a shopping centre and I'm no longer in the position to take out a big mortgage.

So today when I saw these shops my eyes lit up, my lips turned up to a smile and I breathed in excitement. Of course! Why didn't I think of these shops earlier? They are only about a 20 minute walk away and it's a flat surface so I won't get tired. They are towards the back of my house and I don't usually drive that way so I had completely forgotten about them.

I can get myself a coffee on my days off.

I can see myself surrounded by my beaufiful garden. My garden which will keep me grounded, help appease my anxiety, a project that can cost a small amount and that doesn't matter if I have low vision.

I am also enjoying my new job. There is much less pressure, the content is interesting, the stakeholders are so friendly and even my boss is happy with me. I enjoy going to work and if it wasn't for my restricted hours and the fact that my eye actually hurts after my set limits, I would love to be there for longer.

My prognosis has been confirmed and I can see my treatment plan. It's long and it means I probably won't get to go to Straddie Island with my qld family for Christmas, but it's a path now and it's something I can follow.

Are we seeing a bit of positivity for Miss Nat?

I am at peace with what is...

Miss Nat


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