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Connecting can help us heal

I had a tough few weeks battling the anxiety, stress and pressure that life had to offer. But after timeout and a lot of inner-self work, learning to be mindful and control my thoughts more i’ve come through the other end.

I didn’t do it alone, although i spent a lot of time on my own doing things to nurture myself, i also connected with friends and family.

When I’m at my best I’m always being sociable so I didn’t realise how much connecting was actually reenergising, making me feel fulfilled and loved, as well as feeling good for loving and giving to others. I’m so tired lately and find it hard to juggle work, blog, study and rest and it’s connecting with friends and family or doing things that bring me pleasure and joy that get put aside.

I can now honestly say that I’ll be prioritising connecting with people, whether it’s a phone call or catch up in person. I’ve been feeling so low and losing hope at what my vision will be in the future, yet after contact with a friend or family member I feel alive again.

It’s amazing what a connection can do.

I hope I can keep this strength.

I am at peace with what is...

Miss Nat


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