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I'm getting sunglasses!!

I'm so excited today! I went into my optometrist and ordered some sunglasses!! Back in September when I got my last glasses prescription my practicioners all agreed that I was losing vision really quickly so I wasn't able to afford to get a pair of prescription sunglasses if they were just going to last a few weeks or months. My prescription is so technical that it costs over $300 just for one lens, let alone getting new frames!

So today I went in and saw the lovely Andrew and all of his friendly staff at Andrew Watkins Optometrist, they treat me like family there, it was so wonderful. Due to my prescription I can only select from a small range of frames, but we found a pair that were in budget and that looked good.

In 8-10 days I will have my first pair of sunglasses in 6 months!

I'm so excited!

My life is building back together piece by piece.

Life is good

Miss Nat


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