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Surprisingly at peace with this

I'm lying here, all snuggled in my comfy, warm bed, utterly surprised with myself. I feel at peace and humble with the fact that my cornea transplant didn't work as planned, that I'm still 100% reliant on glasses, that I still can't see my tv without glasses (you know, those glasses that dig into my nose or the side of my face when I try to lie on my pillow and watch tv), and that my 2016 is still up in the air.

This is different for me, this is different to the Nat who started this blog 13 months ago, even different to the Nat who learnt about enlightenment and mindfulness and Buddhism in September last year. This is the me I'd always wanted to be, the girl who content with her life and is able to accept what is and roll with the punches.

I'm grateful that I have such a dedicated doctor who is willing to try new things and just say these are the cards I'm dealt. Options = hope and hope is what we need to survive and be happy.

I don't know what the rest of the year will bring. I do still believe that this is my chance at sight, I'm not giving up. Even if this transplant doesn't work, I'm willing to do it all over again. I'm such a better and stronger person now and I realise that no one or nothing is out to make my life harder, I've got this and I'm in control of how I respond to every situation. If I respond with peace and love and roll with it, then my life is so much easier.

I'm really impressed with this Nat. I've worked hard to get here and boy does it feel good to be emotionally stable and one with what is.

I am pleased to sign off knowing that I AM AT PEACE WITH WHAT IS ...

Miss Nat


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