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Level unlocked - surfer girl!

me with a surf board after surfing

Well I did it! Goad #1 for 2017 and it's achieved in week 6 of 2017! I figured this was the only holiday I'll get for the year and possibly the best opportunity I'll have to get in the ocean and have surfing lessons, so with all my inner strength I picked up the phone and booked in for some surfing lessons!

The instructor, Dan, was amazing. I told him that my first lesson might just be about getting me comfortable in the ocean and helping me read the waves ... and that I'm scared of being dunked by a big wave and freak out when my head is under water for too long....

He was great! Very patient and explained how rips are formed, where I should walk into the ocean and how to go over, under and through waves on and off the surf board.

It felt so good!! Having someone there with me and explaining how it all works was amazing. Not too scary at all.

And I did it - I stayed up on the board for a few seconds. So cool!

I went back for a second lesson a few days later - being on my own more was quite exhausting. The surf was relentless, wave after wave after wave, it was hard to get deep enough to be able to catch a wave .... but guess what ? I got total barrelrolled by a massive wave, my board got taken in by the wave and because my foot was attached to it with the cord, I flipped upside down and did a summersault underwater, before I got dragged back up to the surface, ready to get pulled again. How cool was that?! Well the cool bit is that I didn't freak out or cry, Dan had trained me in what to do and I felt confident in the water. So proud of me!

This photo makes me smile - I'm totally exhausted yet there's a smile, glow and glimmer in my eyes. I'm a surfer girl!

me all tired and wet after my surf

I am at peace with what is...

Miss Nat


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