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Herbs to help me see ...

I've been having heaps of fun delving into the world of herbs for their healing benefits and what better for my next endeavor than to find out what herbs may help my eyes heal or vision improve.

I was wandering through my favourite new age shop and saw a jar of Eyebright - woah! excitement plus! 'Eyebright' that totally sounds like it's meant for eyes. I quickly googled it and yep - it sure is made for the eyes so I had to get me some of that!

I went straight home to research all about Eyebright and find out what other herbs can help with the eyes. Surprisingly there are quite a number of herbs that are good for eye sight. These include, Nettle leaf, one of my favourites Elderflowers, Thyme and Gingko, among others.

There are some great stories out there about how Eyebright was used in early times to return sight to the elderly or to those who needed glasses. It has also been used for soothing bloodshot eyes and helping retain sight. Interestingly there are options to both ingest it as a tea or to use it topically on the eye. I'm not so sure I'll be using it topically as with my cornea transplant, everything will have to be sterile.

As I'm starting to find quite common, these magical little herbs don't just treat one ailment. This brew also helps ease the body and assist with allergies! This includes hayfever and sinus relief.

Another win :)

I'll use this one for a while and see how I go!

For your free gift with information on how to brew a pot of herbal tea and how to get the benefits from the herbs please subscribe to my blog.

Happy sipping!

Nat xox

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