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Changing my ways with meditation

I did it! I've obtained 2017 Goal #2 and made it to a meditation retreat with my amazing girlfriend Amanda and the lovely Denise.

At 5.30am every morning the wake up gong is run so that we're in room and ready to meditate!

What an experience! Sitting and doing meditation, mindfulness, quiet time for reflection and god forbid ... silence! .. really was amazing.

My vision has been up and down which is pretty stressful, but this retreat has certainly helped. When I got home on Monday I felt on top of the world, nothing could touch me. I felt like a Queen gliding through my castle.

Now that I've found the gift of inner peace, let's see if I can maintain it and get myself through the bumps of 2017.

Left - Amanda, me and Denise enjoying the view from the centre

Above - how gorgeous is the meditation room

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