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Taking time out for me this year


Hi everyone, as you know by following my journey, the last three years have been a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs with my vision loss and hopes to heal it, as well as adjusting to work, home and socialising.

In October 2017 my eye specialist advised me that my left eye, the one that has had the cornea transplant and subsequently the virus which stole my hopes of sight, is able to be operated on! I was so excited and decided to sell my home and move in with my dad so that I wouldn’t have the financial pressure if I needed time off work and I would have someone there to look after me.

In January 2018, after I sold my home, sold most of my belongings and moved in with dad, my eye specialist advised that he wouldn’t be able to do surgery this year.

My heart shattered.

My world shattered.

But only for a day. Then I picked myself up again and looked at what I had around me that was good. How often is one in a position where they have no rent or mortgage? Have no children or pets to support? Maybe I could make the most of this opportunity … what would I do with myself?

Eat. Pray. Love. passed through my mind! Oh what an amazing opportunity it would be to take a year off and do amazing things to help me be a better person, to help me settle into life with low vision, to find Nat.

I decided to name my year Surrender. Explore. Enlighten. (SEE).

I have a lot of anxiety and sadness and uncertainty in my mind so I’m going to have to surrender all of that first, plus you know, the fact I’ve surrendered to living with my dad at 40 and not being as awesome in my career as I once was.

Then I want to Explore. I’m going to travel overseas and explore the warmer parts of Australia … ok well Queensland.

And finally, I’m going to spend some time in Buddhist Meditation retreat. I’m going to let all the chaos of my life, strip my soul bare and hopefully come out the end a new and improved Nat. One ready to take on all the challenges and joys of 2019 and beyond.

Wish me luck and I can’t wait to share my story with you once I return.

You can see some updates on my Wellness with Nat Facebook page as I go.

Love Miss Nat xox

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