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I’m back blogging! Vision changes and how Buddhism helps me deal with them

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Hi everyone!

I'm so happy to be settled back at home after my year of self discovery and reconnecting my body, mind and soul.

My vision has been changing again. This is definitely a life long journey and no matter what awesome distractions are going on in my life, I notice when things get clearer or fuzzy. But today I got to look at the vision loss with a sense of peace, and contemplating the law of karma and how that impacts my vision... watch the video to find out more :)

Plus! I've read a couple of short verses from the buddhist book The Three Visions about doing too many tasks and anger.

I've still got a lingering cold from my India and Nepal trip so hopefully you can understand me with my blocked nose :)

Happy viewing!

Shine bright!

Miss Nat


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