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Imagine drinking a tea that's made specifically with your lifestyle and preferences in mind?

Nat's personalised tea is exactly that, a tea made just for you!
You can either complete a form which Nat will use to base the tea blend on, or have a chakra or intuitively channelled reading where Nat connects in with you intuitively and blends a tea based on your reading. You also receive a copy of the channelled information Nat receives.


Unavailable until 2019


You can give your Mum a Personalised Tea gift voucher for Mother's Day and then she can select her own tea blend. Your mum will also love one of my organic Relax blends or why not give her something magical like my Chakra blend? You can buy these teas and the gift voucher on the SHOP page.

Thank you so much for making my teas part of your day xox

Each personalised tea blend includes:

  • Personalised packaging with the recipient's name, sender's name, description of the tea and the ingredients

  • Hand decorated packaging

  • 30g (approx) loose organic tea leaves (25 cups of tea)

  • Affirmations to say while you are drinking your tea to reap the most benefits

  • Information on joining the Wellness with Nat community and how to receive your free tea drinking ritual.




Nat blends your ersonalised tea using the information you provide on the order form as well as her intuitive abilities to create a tasty and soul-warming tea just for you.


_DEL9331 (1).jpg

Intuitively Chosen Personalised Tea

Nat will do an intuitively channelled reading from a photograph of the person who is receiving the tea. Once Nat records the channelled reading she will create a tasty and soul-warming tea based on the reading.



Chakra reading and personalised  tea

Nat will do a chakra reading from a full-length photograph of the person who is receiving the tea. Once Nat records the chakra reading she will create a tasty and soul-warming tea based on the reading.


You can complete the form​

To create the perfect personalised tea for you or your loved one, please complete the Personalised Tea order form. One order form needs to be completed per personalised tea.

* Payment can be made in the Wellness with Nat STORE via Paypal, Visa or Mastercard.

* If you are purchasing three or six teas please click in the appropriate item in the Store to ensure you receive the discounted price.

Collection or postage

If you are a Canberra local you can pick up the tea packages from Nat in Tuggeranong. Otherwise postage is available to anywhere in Australia. Postage prices are available on the printed form or on check out of the PayPal store. A $5 handling fee is included in each order. If you are giving the tea as a gift, Nat can also post the package directly to the recipient.

Supporting the community

Vision Australia has helped me make my life accessible since my vision loss journey in 2015. Without the friendly and educated staff I would not have the courage to be where I am today, I would not be working in my office job still and I would not be socialising or trying the things I used to love as much as I do today.


I sponsor Vision Australia as an individual, and now that I am earning income from Wellness with Nat, I am proud to share the love and donate 5% of all personalised tea profits to Vision Australia on a quarterly basis.

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